Anything you need, there's a Black owned Business selling it 
Master List of Black Businesses - This list includes everything from apps, art artists, beauty, hair care, skin care, beard care, makeup, handbags, banking, clothing, baby clothes, swimwear, loungewear, underwear, shoes, accessories, glasses, headwraps, bonnets, durags, masks, vitamins, tea, coffee, hygienic products, soap, body butters, candles, ceramics, crystals, creative agency, school supplies, blogs, music, films, podcasts, chefs, career services, tutors, pet salon, and many more. 
Black Owned Businesses - A Twitter thread of online Black Businesses and the thread includes people promoting their businesses too. Everything from chocolate, coffee, cleaning products, beauty products and more.
Black Artisans - All natural marketplace
Black Owned Etsy Shops - Jewelry, crafts and everything in between!
Black Owned Business in Minnesota - Includes restaurants, barbershops, beauty stores, clothes and gyms
Mahoganybooks - Washington, DC
Semicolon - Chicago, IL
The Lit Bar - The Bronx, NY
Source Booksellers - Detroit, MI
Uncle Bobbies - Philadelphia, PA
Fulton Street Books - Tulsa, OK
Eye See Me - St. Louis, MO
Frugal Bookstore - Boston, MA
Eso Won Books - Los Angeles, CA
Harriett’s Bookshop - Philadelphia, PA
Sister's Uptown - New York, NY
Loyalty Books - Silver Springs, MD
Turning Page Bookshop - Goose Creek, SC
Wild Fig Books - Lexington, KY
A Different Booklist - Toronto, ON
Ashay by the Bay - Vallejo, CA
Afriware Books - Maywood, IL
DTR 360 Books - Brooklyn, NY

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