Many activists and community organizers are creating guidebooks with several resources. Below you will find a list of guidebooks and city specific guides. 
BLM Guidebook - Includes DMV focused resources, legal and medical resources, petitions, donation sites, books, podcasts, movies and additional guides 
#blacklivesmatter - Guide including an extensive list of places to donate to and places to sign petitions
#blacklivesmatter - Google doc including places to donate, recent events, petitions, resources for protesters and how to contact you representatives. 
BLM Resources - Includes petitions, emails for representatives, donation as well as international resources - This resource guide includes information for protests, Black businesses, places to donate to, readings and places to email. 
BLM Protest Google Maps - A map for planned protests
DACA Guide 2020 - List of Pro Bono Legal Immigration Services For EVERY STATE and resources for Undocumented Black People in the US
DMV Protest Resources - DMV specific resources including legal aid, safety, black owned businesses and more 
Combat Anti-Blackness in the Muslim Community - Includes resources for your Masjid and people to follow to learn more about way to combat anti-Blackness in Muslim circles 
National Resource List - Includes resources for  legal counsel, people who can't donate or protest, how to use social media
Resources for Change - Resources include books, donation pages, Black-owned businesses and social media accounts to follow
Resources - Included here are helpful definitions and words to use when talking about race, books, Black-owned books stores, articles to read, resources for kids, Instagram posts, and podcasts.
Ways to Help - Resources which also include how to call representatives
Racism in Science - Addressing racism in science

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